8 Benefits that come with Standing Desks

Working while you are sitting at a desk or a chair is one of the most pleasant feelings you can have. But have you ever thought of the risks that come with such excitement? Research and statistics show that those sit a lot during a day have high chances of diabetes, early death or even heart diseases. It is time I think you should reconsider your standing.

Most people have decided to use the standing desks due to its high benefits of health. So what is a standing desk? A standing desk is a desk that is entirely designed to have your work, either reading or writing while you are standing up. With a standing desk, one can uniquely stand or either sits on a stool for comfortability.

These standing desks from https://deskview.co were very common in the offices and homes of the highly wealthy men. Standing desks come in different variations and styles. These desks can also be designed for specific tasks such as a desk for telephones and architectural drafting.

There are benefits associated with standing desks. These benefits include:

Reduction in lower back pain

Individuals who have problems with legs and their backs cannot survive the stress of sitting for a long time on a desk. A CBD study that was published in 2011 shows that users of standing desk always reduce their chances of back pains by fifty to fifty-five percent. In case you experience any back pain, you are highly recommended to use a standing desk.

Increased energy

Standing up increases your power the same way the coffee does. It is believed that when using your standing desk, there is a free flow of blood to the muscles hence the oxygen diffuses well in your tissues. This gives you a strong feeling, a feel accompanied by both vigor and zeal. A new sense of energy is the first significant step for more beneficial outcomes. This is one of the main reasons why you should switch to a standing desk.

Productivity increase

With your blood flows and new bursts of quantitative energy, the study has shown that standing desk will give you increased productivity. You will have more work done. If you find yourself doing fewer tasks, consider using a standing desk.

Reduction in Cardiovascular Diseases

Too much sitting has been associated with increased chances of plaque, very high blood pressure and increased levels of cholesterols. People who love sitting have high chances of cardiovascular diseases than the one using standing desks.

Reduction in diabetes risks

One of the essential elements of fighting and reducing diabetes is by movements and exercises. Research shows that when you sit down for an extended period, the ability of insulin to process the sugars in your blood will drop to a relatively high level. When this happens, there is a slowdown of metabolism hence contributing to the higher risk of Diabetes Mellitus.

Reduction in risk of cancer

Studies conducted by the Harvard University shows that prolonged sitting causes breast, colon and other endometrial cancer which are associated with an increase in insulin in the body. When insulin increases in the body, it stimulates the growth of cells. This observation has seen the American cancer society warn about sitting for more hours because it increases the chances of cancer to both women and men.

Improves digestion

When sitting, the digestive system is highly compressed hence the absorption level is slowed that translating to cramps, heartburn, bloating and other intestinal disorders. Obesity and allergy are also associated with sitting done.


These are some of the benefits of reconsidering changing your sitting lifestyle. It is beneficial to alternate between standing and sitting because this will improve body and mental abilities. It is important now to understand why you should switch to a standing desk.