How Increasing Your Speed Will Make Your Website Visitors Happy

Whether it’s a blog that you are trying to drive more traffic to or an online business, nothing is more important than making your visitors happy. But if your site is too slow, it can ruin everything. In fact, it has been statistically proven. According to several different studies, nearly half of all web users will leave a site if it doesn’t load within a few seconds. And why would they? A website that takes too long to load is frustrating, makes a business seem unprofessional and amateur, and in today’s fast-paced society, no one has the patience to wait. Major retailers like Amazon and Wal-Mart are a testament to how speed improves business- both companies managed to increase their conversions and revenue by improving their speed through a website speed optimization service by as little as a hundred milliseconds!

And when it comes to online shopping specifically, more than three-quarters of consumers will not return to a site with slow performance. Speed is particularly important for an online business which has several competitors, as each visitor is a potential customer and first impressions are everything. Let’s say you run an online diamond jewelry company, and someone is searching google for diamond bracelets.

They happen to click on your website, and while you may have exactly what they are looking for and at the right price, it is more than likely they will leave your site unhappy and go to a competitor’s if yours is too slow. A survey showed that more than three-quarters of consumers would not return to a site with slow performance, and over forty percent would tell a friend! This means word could get around about your website and subsequently your business, and no successful business owner wants that. A slow website will also rank lower in search results.

While your website may have a great presentation with sizable, high-quality images, a great theme, ample plugins, and social media sharing buttons to spread the word, these may be precisely the reasons your website’s performance is slow. Don’t worry though, you can still have an impressive site by just making a few adjustments to the above.

Some simple ways to increase your website’s speed:

Optimize your images. By cropping your images to fit the width of your page, removing image comments and reducing color depth, it will take less time for them to load.

Remove and reduce plugins. Too many plugins and plugins that aren’t well-coded can reduce website speed. Look for plugins with good reviews, and if you can uninstall plugins that aren’t absolutely

Limit or remove social media sharing buttons. While social media is important for your business, most of these buttons use JavaScript which can affect performance. Use the ones that you feel have been the most proficient for marketing your business and get rid of the rest.

Choose a different theme. Your theme is integral to your website, but looks aren’t everything. If a particular theme uses too much code, it will slow down loading time. There are plenty of great themes out there to choose from that function well and still look good.

Now you’ve learned how increasing your speed will make your website visitors happy, how to do it, and overall how to have a great business. See you online!