How to sell your home fast

It can happen to any of us, anytime. Life has a way of delivering a curve ball without notice, and it takes us off-guard when we least expect it. And whenever that kind of thing happens, occasionally I need to sell a home quick to deal with what I need to do next. Apparently, that happens to other people, too, and although they might not own several homes as investments as I do, and their portfolio consists of their primary residence alone, they are still in a pretty big hurry to sell it. Well, that means they have to do some fast thinking and planning to get things moving. Naturally, the first thought is often to call a real estate agent and list the home on the multiple listing services, you should also callĀ sell my house and get them to give you a quote.

Listing my home on the MLS is not always the best plan when I need to sell my home quick. But then, I have systems in place to market and close my transactions with a team of assistants and professionals. The majority of homeowners don’t have that luxury at all. I realize that the smartest thing for most homeowners to do is to list their home on the MLS, but also proceed to market it on their own as well. Yes, it takes the efforts of many people to get a home noticed and sold these days. That’s why I’m sharing these ideas that are useful to me when I need to sell my home quick. Hopefully, they will be helpful to you as well.

First of all, everybody needs to realize that the vast majority of homebuyers are looking around online for homes these days. Even if they have an agent and are expecting their agent to show them all available homes in their price range and favorite geographic areas, people realize that there are a lot of homes for sale by owner now. Real estate agents are not guaranteed a commission on homes for sale by owner, so that means the agent may be driving by your home or seeing your ad online and simply ignoring it. If a homeowner sees your ad and brings it to the attention of his or her agent, that’s when you’re likely to get a phone call asking if you’ll pay a commission if the agent’s buyers are interested at a showing. So, you have to consider this scenario well in advance of the moment you receive an agent’s phone call. Make sure you price your home so that you can pay a commission of some kind so that you don’t miss out on the buyers who prefer to work with an agent no matter what. There are a lot of people in that category, and many of them are first time homebuyers.

So, what is a homeowner to do these days? How can sellers get a home sold quickly? The answer is pretty simple and logical. The most important element in the sale is the price. It’s possible to sell virtually any home any day, but the price will dictate whether it happens or not. Homeowners get pretty defensive about the price of their home, meaning their residence. Investors, on the other hand, see each home as part of their inventory and don’t take it personally if another investor or a home owner feels a home has less value than the asking price. An investor isn’t usually insulted, he or she simply thinks, “NEXT!” That means it’s time to move on and show the home to other buyers because whoever doesn’t value the home is surely not the right buyer.

Post your home for sale online and make sure you’re prepared with a response when an agent calls you and asks if you’ll pay a commission. That’s what I do when I want to sell my home quick.