Top 3 Ways to Pay for SEO Services

The debate about SEO pricing has been raging for years. Many people and businesses are asking themselves if SEO by the hour, month or per project basis is the best way to go.

Each one of these three models offers benefits and challenges. They might work great for some and be problematic for others. We’ll look into the 3 most common ways people pay for SEO and see what fits your business the best. Learn more if you’d like at

Hourly Payment for SEO

Many businesses find the hourly payment model appealing. It can be straightforward and easily measured. If you’ve been looking into the hourly model, you’ll find the prices are like the Wild West and can vary wildly via different SEO companies.

You’ll find prices from $50 per hour all the way to $500+. It’s necessary to evaluate what the firm can offer you. Whether it’s the quality of services, their reputation, their size and I or location.


  • You have a set hourly rate
  • Specifically allocated recourses and time
  • High level of accountability
  • Service cost breakdown


  • Results may not be as fast
  • Your bill could add up quickly
  • The relationship is very cut and dry

Monthly Payment for SEO

The monthly payment model is much more common. Generally, clients pay an agreed upon reoccurring fee each month. This is in exchange for a very specific set of services, which mostly include maintenance and oversight.

If you’re looking to approach SEC on a long term basis, this is the payment model that would suit you the best


  • Unlimited hours in most cases
  • No excuses for not delivering results
  • Better agency – client relationship
  • No nit-picking over exactly how many hours were spent


  • You are agreeing to a contract
  • You could feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth
  • It could be expensive if you’re in the slow months

Project Based SEO Payment

The project based model is usually offered by most firms that have monthly plans. This plan can work as a bridge between the hourly and monthly model.

It has the best of both worlds while giving enough time to reach goals and still having a conclusion date.


  • A one lump sum payment
  • Clear pricing structure
  • Laser focus on one aspect of your SEO
  • The timeline is much more straightforward


  • You may get overcharged
  • A lack of flexibility
  • You could get short changed on results

The SEC payment operating model is generally based around monthly payment. There has been a lot of buzz about hourly lately, and there may be more of a shift in that direction soon.

The project based payment is a good plan, for example – Doing a website transfer, in that case it most certainly makes sense.

The truth is that all models can work. There is no one size that fits all. At the end of the day it has to make solid financial sense to to the client and the SEO company. The numbers have got to mesh whether it’s hourly, monthly or project based.