Typical Vinyl Siding Repair Costs

When you install it properly, siding is extremely durable, it can last around 10 to 50 years. The best siding will lock weather out, reduce your utility bills while offering a great aesthetic value. However, even the finest siding products finally wear out or get damaged due to the hostile weather condition.

Vinyl siding is cheaper and the right alternative to aluminum. It is quite simple to install and needs very little maintenance. Besides, it does not bleed or chalk color with time.

Even if it’s among the best siding, during the cold season it can easily crack when hit using a hard object. Nevertheless, vinyl still is the best choice for homeowners and builders in search of a siding that can replace aluminum and wood.

If it is just a broken piece of siding you can DIY, but if you have to replace the entire house it is highly advisable to hire siding professionals. Vinyl is the simplest to replace, even if it may be challenging to match the fixed pieces exactly. Here are 2 factors that will determine the typical vinyl siding replacement costs:

1. Extent Of The Damage

In a situation where the areas are very rotten that they can hardly hold a nail, you will have to do some replacements prior installing the siding. The replacement of the rotten area can be a simple plywood cut out, because you will cover it with a siding it does not have to be appealing. Furthermore, all contractors must install a certain type of building paper like Tyvek on top of the wood, beneath the siding so as to enhance the waterproofing.

When making a budget for your replacement cost include such repairs.

2. Getting Some Matching Materials

If you happen to have some siding materials left from your earlier installation, they can really help in reducing the repair costs.

You can simply cut out the damaged sections and repair the holes using the extra pieces of siding from your initial installation.

The repair

Mostly, when your contractor is giving you a cost estimate, he/she does not take into account the cost of removal and getting rid of the damaged siding, structural changes and any alterations on the fascia or soffit. Ensure you include that in your budget.

Fortunately, vinyl siding is among the easiest to repair and quite affordable. The basic replacement of a broken vinyl siding will need:

– A section
of vinyl that is a match to the original siding. You will get it for not more than $40 per piece. If you do not find the exact match, find a piece that closely matches the existing siding. For instance, Itelinc will offer you the closest match to your original siding. It can be a good replacement for both vinyl and aluminum.

The average repair cost for a 2,200 square-foot house is about $6,800. The cost of removing and getting rid of the current siding is around $1,000 -$3,000. While some contractors offer extras like soffits, fascia and crown molding for free, others will charge you $3 to $6 for a linear foot.

If you have some skills you can do the siding repairs on your own, however, if you are making large replacements leave the work to the experts, some will charge you about $40 to $50 per hour.